What People Say

  • What a weight of relief to get rid of items that you never knew you really didn’t need and replace them with an energy to look at the items that you do keep in a fresh, new and valued way! Cary assisted me with reorganizing my clothes in my closet and drawers. She was professional, courteous of her time proposal, fun and absolutely delightful. On day one, I woke up and for the first time could clearly see what clothes I had to work with to pull a fabulous outfit together for work.Megan
  • Still the next day, I cannot believe the huge amount of peace and satisfaction I am feeling every time I walk past my closets. The first thing I did when I came downstairs this morning was look at both closets, and the first thing I said this morning was ‘oh my god! the closets are still clean!’ I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to gain that much space, SEE everything at once, and know that when I take something out to use, there’s a clear place for it to go back to. Brad agrees that it takes a huge amount of stress away from our home life. Sarah
  • Thanks for your direct, professional criticism. It helped me make decisions that were very difficult to do on my own. I LOVED how thorough you were with each piece of clothing for cleanliness, style, fit and function. It made a very daunting and overwhelming task much more simple and straight forward! I feel like my “nice” clothes can finally breathe again… It was so nice to feel justified in getting rid of things that have followed me around for way too many seasons of my life. An outcome that I was not expecting is that I learned about my good and bad clothing choices over the years. I have guidance for smarter purchases in the future.Lindsay
  • Cary came into my cluttered and disorganized home office and — in no time flat — had all of my office supplies, papers, and other random items sorted into categories and put away in neat, organized fashion. Letting go of systems and stuff you’ve had for a long time can be stressful and emotional, and her approach was gentle and supportive. In addition, Cary provided me with a system I can use going forward: I feel empowered to keep my space clean and clutter-free. I can really see the value in taking that first step to clean things up — it has been transformative to create a clean, clutter-free workspace. I feel better able to concentrate and focus on what matters at work without being distracted. I can’t thank Cary enough! Highly recommend her sensitive approach and her excellent work.Jen
  • Cary helped me transform a space that was a constant thorn in my side to one that makes me happy! I live in a house with no closets – so finding places to store things is difficult. We have one room in our basement that we use for storage and it was a total mess. I knew that we weren’t using the space well, but I didn’t have the time or energy to fix it. Insert Cary into the picture. In a matter of 2 hours, she helped me make decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to trash; she used her keen eye to help me rearrange the entire space to make better use of the shelves and wall space; and she gave me tips to keep it looking great. I now go down to the basement and can actually FIND things! Thank you so much for your time and talents, Cary!Kirsten
  • Cary and Spruced were able to help me take charge of my closet space. I was overwhelmed with the task, and had been trying to clear out the space, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. Cary’s straightforward and organized methods helped me go through every single item judiciously and then she organized what remained in creative and efficient ways. Everything is easy to see and access, and the clutter is gone. I feel relieved and can’t thank Cary enough for her assistance and expertise.Kirsten